Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Sad Death of Sparky

I was sent this story of treachory and cuntishness
For obvious reasons the sender wishes to remain anon
A high calibre cunt indeed

summer before last ma in laws house were flooded. She came to live with us while her place was sorted. ma in law is ok most of the time but can be a bit hard to put up with. She brought with her sparky her ginger cat Now sparky comes first with her every time and I dont hold with cats in the house but this one were up on the beds sat on the kitchen work tops and to be honest it were getting me down
many a time I said take that cat out of my sight or I will kill it
I didn't mean a word of it I would just be pissed over by the way it behaved
The one night I come home late and I swung the car into the drive a bit quick and felt a bump when I got out and looked I had run over sparky and he was stone dead
I were in a panic after making threats on the cats life many times before
I looked across the road and thought to meself I hope that bitch across the way have not seen this because she is an animal rights campainer and a vegan. She was always having a go about meat eaters and she is a right superior bitch
Then in my panic I saw an evil chance to get me out of trouble I picked up the cat and I put him in the hedge ma in law was calling him and I felt bad but I waited till the lights were out in our house and the house across the road
I sneaked out and took the cats body and I went onto her drive a layed the cat under the back wheel of her car. The passenger side I didn't think she would see it in the morning before she got in the car because that side where I put the cat is near the wall and even if she did she would think she killed him the day before when she came home
I tipped a bucket of water on my drive to wash off the blood
I went home to bed the next morning she was at our door in floods of tears and saying she was so sorry and I got off the hook

If you want to add to this blog with your own acts..of sublime cuntiness
email me the details
if you want your name accredited then thats fine, OR if you wish to remain anon..then your ID will be kept secret

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