Monday, 9 February 2009

The Hose Pipe- a little spot of night time cuntiness

Some years ago...nearly 20..we had some next door nieghboours who were a pair of twats, they were known throughout the village where I then lived as a miserable pair of bastards. They made complaints against nieghbours they conducted petty hate campaigns and generally were only happy when there was trouble and conflict.
This pair had bullied my kids poked my dog in the eye with a garden rake snapped the ariel off my car to name but a few of their lunatic activities
Then they went on summer holiday
I knew that nobody would be keeping an eye on their house as everyone hated them, and any eyes on the house would be focussed with the same cuntish intent as mine.
For 5 nights of the 14 nights they were away I poked a garden hose through the letter box and turned the water on. It was only a tiny 2 bedroomed cottage and I would fall asleep blissfully imagining the damage.
I would set my alarm for 6 am to go and retrive the hose just incase the milkman ( who was shagging their daughter) saw it
The most delightful part of this was the return of the twats and the feverish attempts to identify the source of the leak

If you want to add to this blog with your own acts..of sublime cuntiness
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  1. Ohh well how much for NOT looking up the old nieghbours and telling them WHO DONE IT
    dreadful you should be ashamed of yourself cunterooter