Thursday, 12 February 2009

It's Got Your Name On It !!!!! ( a cautionary careful what you put in your re-cycling bin if youv'e pissed off the neighbours)

This is just wicked I dare not name the Cunts who sent this in and they have asked me not to.

we live near a pair of nasty bastads all they do is make trouble and cant leave anybody in peaceThe woman is a councillor on the local authority and the husband is a manager in a bank' All it ever is is bother they will check the tax on the car and report if its a day late. If the kids play out they are shouting at them and telling them off. They do this to everyone in the road where we live, how she got on the council I will never know. she knocked my door one day to complain my grass needed cutting . I had letters from the council saying my dogs were a noise nusiance and someone had complained it was all this sort of thing and too many things to list
One day I was out working on my car when the recycling lorry came and they dropped some of the paper on the road I helped the guy pick it up and I saw it was junk mail for those pair I was thinking well heres me now picking up their bloody rubbish.
I told my wife when she came home and later on that day she come up with a plan. We would go in her paper recycling bin over a few weeks and see if there were envelopes in there with their name on and keep them in our shed. So we started this the street is quiet after 9 in the morning either me ot the wife would have a quick look
every week there was something and even better there were daily newspapers and the paper shop had written their address on them in pen so the boy knew where to deliver it.
After a bit of time we had about 12 letters and a good few newspapers we put them in a bin bag with a few other things like an empty cereal box and just general rubbish. I got a pair of my wifes knickers she is about the same size as the dragon and I wiped my arse on them to look like skid marks.
This woman works a the Drs surgery as a secretary and to get to work she passes a local beauty spot. The council have been complaining in the local paper about rubbish being dumped there.
One morning we watched her set off for work after a bit we phoned the council I said I was shocked to see a woman stop and throw a black bin bag from her car down into the bushes. I said I was walking my dog and I took the car number. They never asked my name and if they did I would have given them a false on
Not long after it was in the paper that the woman was fined for fly tipping, they made quite a thing of it with her being a local councilor
This woman went to court and said she was innocent but the court would not have it because there was so much with her address in that bag of rubbish and the papers clinched because they have the date on them and the dates spanned several weeks
She don't have so much to say for herself these days as this pulled her down a peg or 2
and I wonder did they list what was in that bag, knickers an all

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