Thursday, 12 February 2009

Minted Lamb Stew (something to get your teeth into)

This submission came from Shelagh H
a truely revolting act of cuntiness
I made Lamb stew for may family this week, however I stuck to more traditional ingedients
don't read this filthy tale if you have a weak stomach

I was soaking my false teeth in steredent in a glass in the kitchen and I thought that I would get on with preparing the stew for dinner while they soaked I put all the veg and meat in a large pan and stood it in the kitchen sink to add some water and the phone rang.
It was my daughter so teeth or no teeth I had a chat to her for a while.
After we finished talking I went into the kitchen and picked up the glass with my teeth in and emptied it into the sink forgetting about the pan of stew.
I thought oh shit then I thought I'm not wasting this lot, so I fished the teeth out and gave the stew a quick rinse then cooked it as usual
When my hubby came home I served up the stew, now he's a picky eater and often complains about his meals.
But that day he said how nice it was, he asked if I had added some mint!
The steredent is mint flavoured so mabe I should have rinsed the stew for longer, but anyway he enjoyed it

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